1. Digital twins are helping scientists run the world’s most complex experiments

    By Sarah Scoles In January 2022, NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope was approaching the end of its one-million-mile trip from Earth. But reaching its orbital spot would be just one part of its treacherous journey. To ready itself for observations, the spacecraft had to
  2. Michael Mosley's tragic inspiration behind diet obsession - and chilling prediction

    By Julia Banim The death of Dr Michael Mosley has come as a devastating shock to his fans - many of whom changed their lives and health for the better thanks to the influential science journalist. Michael, who has died at the age of 67, vanished while holidaying on the idyllic Gree
  3. South Africa: Science Journalism in South Africa - Social Media Is Helping Connect With New Readers

    By Sisanda Nkoala / The Conversation Africa [The Conversation Africa] Science journalism is about taking complex academic research and turning it into easy-to-read content that is still accurate. Aside from informing readers through evidence-based journalism, it aims to make the wi
  4. Scientists Reveal Psychology Behind Our Most Disgusting Memories

    By Lydia Smith Psychologists have found that we tend to associate our disgusting memories with smells, tastes and touches. The findings of the study, by researchers at Macquarie University in Australia, and Karolinska Universitet in Sweden, suggest that these sensory cues elicit di
  5. Physics Today is looking for an editor. #physicsjobs #sciencejournalism