1. Uvalde shooting victims’ families agree to settlement of just $2m over botched response to deadly rampage

    By Graig Graziosi Families of the Uvalde school shooting victims have settled for $2million with the Texas city over the 2022 attack that left 19 students and two teachers dead. The settlement comes nearly two years after the deadly attack at Robb Elementary School . Responding offi
  2. A teen died after a ‘freak’ accident in a batting cage. Now, his parents want to hold the school accountable

    By Michelle Del Rey The parents of a 17-year-old high school baseball star who died in a “freak” accident inside a batting cage have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against representatives of the school. Jeremy Medina died in 2023 from head injuries sustained during a Gainesville Hi
  3. Crisis Communications Message Templates

    If you are with a local #school district, we want to know how you #communicate #crisis messages to the public (including parents, kids, etc.). Thank you. #crisiscommunications #collaboration #children
  4. Threat ‘neutralized’ after active shooting reported at Wisconsin school

    By Kelly Rissman A Wisconsin school district was plunged into lockdown on Wednesday following an active shooter at the middle school, before the threat was “neutralized” outside of the building. Around 11am on Wednesday morning, Mount Horeb Area School District Superintendent Steve
  5. It's School Principals' Day | May 1st, 2024

    School Principals' Day is "a day of recognition for all elementary, middle and high school principals for their leadership and dedication to providing the best education possible for their students." Principals are the administrative head of a school. They must fill many roles, s
  6. This was at the school district next to the one my kids go to. This was a 5 hour school board meeting, and it was dismaying to see a vote of 5-4 after all of that public outcry. We are surrounded by school districts retaining the Independence Law Center, in order to put in bathro
  7. The U.S. Department of Education announced an investigation into the Owasso school district after the death of Nex Benedict. https://www.motherjones.com/criminal-justice/2024/03/nex-benedict-federal-education/
  8. Texas school district to remove all librarian positions

    By Julia Reinstein A Texas school district will no longer have librarians. Spring Branch Independent School District eliminated all librarian positions due to budget cuts, according to San Antonio Express-News . Superintendent Jennifer Blaine blamed the $35m deficit on the Texas legi