1. The end of Schengen and the start of the EU revolt: What does yesterday's historic migration vote mean?  Analysis by Millie Cooke

    By Millie Cooke The EU yesterday voted to pass a landmark migration control pact, which the bloc's leaders have said will let them "regain control" of its borders and crack down economic immigration. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said it was an "historic, indispensable step" which
  2. Why Is Getting Greece Residence By Investment A Smart Choice For 2024?

    In 2024, as global investments continue to evolve, selecting the appropriate residence option will be crucial for individuals seeking to move. Greece is a tactical option among the many available as it combines a historical charm with modern opportunities. This article delves int
  3. #hungary #bulgaria Sounds like Orban is running out of power within the EU. Hungary Threatens To Veto Bulgaria's Schengen Entry Over Russian Gas Transit Tax (from Radio Free Europe website) Hungary on December 16 threatened to veto Bulgaria’s entry into the passport-free Schengen zo