1. Look, I appreciate the thought here, but if "not indoctrinating our students" is the goal, I wouldn't want quite a few of our South Carolina legislators to be within 1,000 yards of a public school! #SouthCarolina #Education #SCEducation #PublicSchools
  2. Way to go you inept Mom's for Liberty school board members! Your incompetence and ignorance just cost your county a lot of taxpayer money. #southcarolina #SCPol #sceducation #scpolitics #CharlestonSC
  3. SC extremists will never be satisfied

    White extremists like Rep RJ May (from the silly SC House Freedom Caucus) will never be satisfied. It's best not to give an inch into their demands and changing the language was a mistake. “USC can call it whatever they want, it’s just racist nonsense that they’re indoctrinating o
  4. SC Education Superintendent Forcing a Religious Pledge Upon Teachers

    Well, when your master's degree was "God-given" from Bob Jones University in only 6 months, I can see why she feels the need to insert her religion into our public schools. Let's be clear: An employer mandating that an employee make a religious statement is wholly un-American! #Sou