1. Men's OC Marathon winner disqualified for taking water from family during race

    By Vassia Barba A marathon winner has been disqualified for accepting water from a family member during the race. The incident reportedly occurred during the OC Marathon in Orange County, California , where rules state that runners can only hydrate at official stations. Gary Kutscha
  2. California Residents Told to Avoid Beaches in Bacteria Warning

    By Aliss Higham The water off several Los Angeles County beaches have been contaminated with high levels of bacteria and people have been advised to avoid beaches in the affected areas.. The L.A. County Department of Health has issued warnings for 12 areas due to high levels of dan
  3. Briton left to rot in 'world's toughest HELLHOLE jail' due to 'false' drug charges as family plead for his return

    By George Bunn The family of a British man who has been thrown in the "world's toughest prison" have pleaded for his release. John Henshaw from Atherton in Greater Manchester was reportedly arrested on a drug trafficking charge for the alleged possession of a "tiny" amount of canna
  4. 5 reasons families love vacationing in Belize

    By Vanessa Grant South of Mexico and east of Guatemala, Belize offers warm hospitality, budget-friendly accommodations and a huge range of family-friendly activities. Discover the adrenaline-pumping adventures, lush natural landscapes and vibrant festivals that make this tropical
  5. Another installment of old people walk L.A.

    This was a walk we took in San Pedro before the rains. I know, but it’s still technically Los Angeles. One of us woke up late, so we strolled closer to home. It was gorgeous out. Starting near the marina, this route gave us views of Cabrillo Beach and Sunken City, Catalina, Point
  6. Winter blooms! #GardensofPosts #Cacti #SanPedro