1. VICTORY! Washington State Senate sends bill ending child marriage to Governor Inslee

    By Andrew Villeneuve A Northwest Progressive Institute priority bill that would advance human rights in Washington State by ending the practice of allowing child marriages is on its way to Governor Jay Inslee. Forty-eight out of forty-nine senators voted yea this afternoon to pass
  2. Bill to end child marriage moves to the floor of the Washington State Senate

    By Andrew Villeneuve One of NPI’s priority bills for the 2024 legislative session is getting closer to leaving the Legislature and heading to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk for signature. House Bill 1455, prime sponsored by State Representative Monica Stonier (D‑49th District: Clark Co
  3. Summer Dusk ~ Lake Sammamish #PNW
  4. Decades in the making, the fully-paved East Lake Sammamish Trail opens Saturday #Seattle #SEAbikes