1. Cannabis CEOs make over $400,000 on average, while edibles chefs make $46,000. Here’s how weed world pay breaks down

    By Chris Morris It’s 4/20, the happiest day of the year for weed enthusiasts. And while legalized pot isn’t exactly the head-turning event it was a few years ago, it’s quickly growing into an economic force. The legal marijuana market is expected to see sales of more than $31 billi
  2. High-paying remote and hybrid jobs are going extinct in a hurry

    By Emma Burleigh Good morning! There’s no doubt that today’s employees want remote and hybrid options when it comes to where they work. And although some CEOs have reversed course on their RTO mandates, and the C-suite in general is realistic about how long it will take to get staf
  3. Changing Jobs is Paying Off for Americans

    By Omar Mohammed American workers who changed jobs in March saw their salaries shoot up, a sign of how much companies are putting in extra effort to attract employees at a time when the labor market is offering millions of jobs for whoever is looking for a job . Last month, employee
  4. Hiring Surge Predicted In Cannabis Sector: Top 5 High-Paying Industry Roles In 2024

    By Jelena Martinovic Chief executive officers leading U.S.-based multi-state cannabis operators have surpassed the $500,000 base salary threshold in 2024 with annual median salaries topping $511,600 and representing a nearly 8% year-over-year increase. That's roughly seven times w
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