1. Russian mercenaries 'closing in' on warlord and 2012 viral sensation Joseph Kony

    By Rudi Kinsella Russian mercenaries are reportedly 'closing in' on Joseph Kony - a war criminal who gained notoriety from a viral video uploaded to YouTube in 2012. The 'Kony 2012' video was one of the first viral videos that had its presence felt worldwide, with it raising awaren
  2. Did Melissa Ashworth remarry? All about her personal life

    By Rodah Mogeni Melissa Ashworth is a former secretary and celebrity ex-wife from the United States. She is widely recognised as the ex-wife of Brandon Blackstock, an American businessman and professional talent manager. Did Melissa Ashworth remarry? Here is everything you need to
  3. Russian Redut Private Military Company recruits women into assault units for war

    By STANISLAV POHORILOV The battalion of Russian mercenaries Española, part of the Redut Private Military Company (PMC), began to recruit women in assault units for the war. Source: Vazhnye Istorii , a Russian media outlet Details: Russian mercenaries offer women to "make a career" i
  4. See Why Russia-Based Wagner Group Is About to Leave Africa

    By Masolo Mabonga Wagner Group provides military services in at least 13 African countries, most of which are poor and continue to experience political instability The Russia-based mercenary group has been linked to numerous atrocities in Africa, including murder, rape and economic
  5. Niger’s ousted president warns of ‘devastating’ coup impact, growing Russian influence

    By By Jennifer Hauser, Michael Conte and Chris Lau, CNN Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum said Thursday he is being held hostage by the country’s military as he warned in a Washington Post op-ed that the junta’s power grab could have “devastating consequences” for the region, where