1. What Is Briansclub Cm? An In-Depth Look at The Notorious Carding Forum

    It's likely that if you're searching for a carding forum, you've already come across Briansclub cm. Is it safe to use, though? Many users of the notorious carding site are cautious about trusting Briansclub cm with their information because of the circulating stories of hacks and
  2. Russianmarket to Login with Wide Range of CC and Dumps

    At Russianmarket to, you can purchase a wide range of cards. We provide daily updates. Sign up now with $100 and get your account today. At Russian markat.to , we offer a CC shop with daily updates. Explore our wide range of cards and stay up to date with the latest options. Sign u
  3. Russians still enjoying American burgers and sandwiches as companies refuse to leave

    By Sebastian Shehadi After Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, most major Western fast-food chains closed up shop, sold off assets, and exited the Russian market. This was particularly true of the highly visible food sector. Major Western food and drink chains, including McDo
  4. In Russia, foreign servers and data storage systems began to fail en masse

    #technology #russia (from Moscow Times) Sanctions for the war in Ukraine are beginning to increasingly affect the technological “sovereignty” of Russia, which the authorities demand to achieve. In 2023, demand from Russian companies for the repair of hard drives, tape drives, cont
  5. Siemens and Volkswagen seek compensation from German government over withdrawal from Russian market

    Siemens Mobility and Volkswagen Bank, subsidiaries of Siemens and Volkswagen, have formally approached the German government to seek compensation for the financial setbacks they've faced in the wake of the Russian situation, reported FAZ. Siemens Mobility, the railway equipment ma