1. Five Things Running: Issue #55

    Hello and welcome back to Five Things Running! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and did not eat as many marzipan eggs as I did. On Friday I finally got my first run of the week in, which was wonderful. I didn’t feel well for over a week and even though my Oura ring said t
  2. In the past I’ve fallen victim to worrying about little things early on that don’t matter in a race this long. Most of the time even bigger things aren’t very important. It’s the repetitive, compounding things that cause problems. —John Kelly #running #trailrunning #ultrarunning #r
  3. A big reason that routines and rituals have faded is because we live in a culture that is obsessed with short-term optimization and efficiency. Judged against this standard, routines and rituals make no sense. […] But [they] take you out of a frantic, frenetic, and frazzled atten