1. Gwen Stefani dubbed 'delusional' as 'The Voice' Season 24 fans threaten to boycott coach's team after Rudi's exit

    By Anamika Bharti UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: ' The Voice ' fans were left fuming after Gwen Stefani decided to eliminate some contestants from her team in the Playoffs. Gwen chose to eliminate Rudi, Stee, and Lennon VanderDoes while keeping Bias, Tanner Massey, and Kara Tenae. A lot
  2. Did Gwen Stefani make a wrong choice by advancing Bias? 'The Voice' coach called out for ruining her chance of winning

    By Anamika Bharti UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Did Gwen Stefani make the wrong choice by advancing Bias in ' The Voice ' Season 24 Playoffs? Viewers of the show believe that other deserving singers were eliminated from Gwen's team. Many said that Gwen made a big mistake by choosing Bi
  3. Will Rudi be able to get hair dye in prison?
  4. All engineerd by Rudi based on his own loss after 9/11 when he tried a power grab that ultimately failed in NYC