1. Before & After

    a rainy day, but just caught this little guy perched on the Cardinal Weigela. This is my consolation prize for not being lucky to catch him nectaring on the flowers ..yet! He so nicely showed his glowing gorget..in 2 photos #FeatheredFriday #feathersfriday #Rubythroatedhummingbir
  2. just 3 photos of seasonal birds...the last I spotted two days ago and today was "say cheese" day! this morning this Eastern Kingbird along with 3 others flitting and bug catching.. then at around lunch this little Ruby Throated Hummingbird was busy working the all you can eat buff
  3. Butterfly Recap 2023 Amazing April, Act IV… 2023 was a banner April for butterflies. In the fourth week, I saw 3 additional species for the season. Lighter week overall between busy at work, weather and gardening work. Multiple photos with its common name. #MeadowLife #GardensOfPost
  4. She’s so darn adorable. Ruby-throated Hummingbird 💚 #Hummingbird #Photography99 #GardensOfPost
  5. Hummingbirds

    Today I had a well sketched out plan for posting something. I felt a bit like an airport flight control tower with one story percolating and two more lined up and waiting to go. Then while I was washing the hummingbird feeders this morning an idea, an inspiration, landed and took
  6. Days are getting shorter . . .

    and the hummingbirds grow less and less each day (video inside) . This is the hummingbird feeder I fill every day outside the chair the Kiddo sits in at our kitchen table. I told her I'd get a bigger one that wouldn't need filling as often. Nope, she likes this one and that the femal
  7. Hummingbird

    I finally saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird this morning (only males have a red throat). Feeders are up, and I even put together a tiny birdbath for them in my small garden space. Of course, it was in none of those places, but I’m glad I captured its precious tail feathers.
  8. Ruby and Traill's

    Sadly, there are birds who cannibalize nests for their own gain. Whether they've laid their own eggs in the nest and have killed the other eggs, to ensure their species survive or because they see nests as food sources, not all bird species live happy together in the world. The ot