1. Kari Lake's Chances at Winning Senate Race, According to Polls

    By Andrew Stanton Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego holds a double-digit lead over Republican Kari Lake in the latest poll for Arizona's U.S. Senate race. Arizona is a swing state that is roughly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans . Prior to the Donald Trump -era,
  2. From Hopium today: - New WaPo story details what a f-cking mess Trump campaign/RNC is right now - Why I'm optimistic we'll win this year - Great new media from Ruben Gallego - Anne Applebaum’s must read new book - Bannon appears headed to jail, joining fellow Trumpers Weisselberg and
  3. đź“Ł BREAKING: Kyrsten Sinema will NOT be running for re-election, meaning Ruben Gallego has a clear path towards the U.S. Senate. Donate to him & other Democrats running to keep the Senate blue TODAY. #Blue24
  4. US Senator Kyrsten Sinema will not seek reelection in Arizona

    By Mathias Hammer The News Independent U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced Tuesday that she will not run for reelection and will leave the Senate at the end of the year. “Because I choose civility, understanding, listening, working together to get stuff done, I will leave
  5. Leading Senate Republicans set to participate in fundraising event for Kari Lake

    Top Senate Republicans, including Sen. Steve Daines, are set to attend a fundraiser for Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, who is favored to win the Republican nomination. Lake aims to challenge Rep. Ruben Gallego for Sen. Kirsten Sinema's seat in November, with Republicans view
  6. Leaked Audio Underscores Just How Much Republicans Don’t Want Kari Lake to Run

    The Arizona Republican Party chairman has resigned after he was recorded asking Lake what “number” it would take to convince her to bow out of the Arizona Senate race. By Caleb Ecarma It is no secret that some Republicans in Washington do not wish to see Kari Lake compete in Arizon