1. The Amazon Book Sale is coming — here's what to know

    Best Amazon Book Sale Deals Best kindle deal Amazon Kindle Scribe (16GB) with Basic Pen $239.99 at Amazon (Save $100) Get Deal Best subscription deal Kindle Unlimited $0 for three months at Amazon (Save $35.97) Get Deal Best book deal Up to 60% off physical books From $6 at Amazon
  2. A review of Rouge by Mona Awad

    My #review of Rouge by Mona Awad is now live! Darkly beautiful and intensely bittersweet, this actually managed to make me cry towards the end. That is VERY much a compliment. #horror #mystery #thriller #literaryfiction Full review here:
  3. ROUGE, more than a color...a way of life and a (bad) reason to live

    I had the kind of mother who told her daughters, "you have to suffer for beauty, girls." ROUGE by Mona Awad via Mary Sue Rucci Books/SimonElement is the takedown of that toxicity I've been waiting for. My 4.5/5 #BookRecommendation is here: