1. Srnec / Roe deer #RoeDeer #Deer #Wildlife #wildlifephotography #photo #photography #animal #Czechia #CzechRepublic
  2. I refuse to write that it is getting warmer, that would suggest that warmth had anything to do with it but it is at least getting less cold now 😄 -8C (17,6F) and they're guessing it'll get even less cold the coming days. There was one thing I didn't notice when I took this photo
  3. So many people would be happy to live in a world covered by snow, I'm not one of them. As You can see we've gotten at least two decimeters (eight inches) of snow now. Ok it is light and fluffy and very easy to remove but also really hard to walk in because boots have a hard time
  4. It is supposed to be sunny right now, it isn't. Then again it wasn't supposed to rain when I drove home after work but it sure did. It rained so hard sometimes that it was difficult to see the road and just impossible when I met a couple of cars and lorries 😄😄 I hope it'll clear
  5. Outside my gate yesterday evening, could have a worse view. Now when we have a wolf pack living just on the other side of the bog our Roe deers really should be more aware of what's happening around them. The first thing we met this morning was a doe stopping by the road for quite