1. Samuel Alito is unfit to serve on the United States Supreme Court. His ascension stands singularly behind the invasion of Iraq as President George W Bush’s biggest mistake. He is corrupt, incredibly partisan, and without a doubt, the Justice who leaked word of the Dobbs decision
  2. The Roberts Court and the Rule of Lawlessness

    On the blog , Prof Segall contrasts SCOTUS focus on "writing for the ages" in Trump immunity case w/ "this case only" in Bush v Gore, arguing inconsistencies, manipulations, and outright dishonesty form a pattern in the late Rehnquist and especially the Roberts Courts.
  3. Non existent Constitutional immunity..

    The court should have never allowed this case up for review..They should have affirmed the D.C.Appeals Court ruling..The right wing of the SCOTUS failing to address the case in front of them on the merits, by leaning into absurd claims about future presidents is example of their
  4. Dan Rather and Team Steady Apr 25, 2024 (ACOG and the physicians were doing just fine for decades, until the Roberts court and Leonard Leo decided to practice medicine without a license, nor did they have any knowledge, interest or curiosity of medical conditions that may warrant
  5. What the heck is going on with the Roberts Supreme Court ?

    Clarence Thomas & the Roberts Court : I have questions about law clerks and your decision making process. You’re using taxpayer money to pay these people & I’m certain that you understand you should be accountable. Further, I would respectfully request that you encourage Leonar
  6. New Episode of Deep Dive: Pendulum of Justice - The Supreme Court's Conservative Pivot with Lucas Powe

    How does the Roberts Court's ideological tilt compare to the Warren Court era? And, how is this Court shaping the future of America? Former Supreme Court Law Clerk and legal scholar Lucas Powe shares his expertise on this pivotal moment for judicial independence. #scotus #supreme
  7. Dear Supreme Court: Meaningless promises won't cut it on ethics

    Without a means to enforce the guidelines, the Supreme Court's nonbinding code of ethics seem like political theater. But I'm not a lawyer. So, from Mark Elias' Democracy Docket website: However, immediately apparent is the lack of an enforcement mechanism in this new code of condu
  8. Did Justice Thomas’s failure to report lavish gifts violate ethics laws?

    Brennan Center experts explain Supreme Court disclosure rules. #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt #ClarenceThomas #Alito #RobertsCourt #Gorsuch #HarlanCrow #PaulSinger #Sotomayor #Ginsburg #ethics #courts #judges #law #ProPublica #reform #politics #democracy #GOP #Republicans #Trump #bias #con
  9. An Argument For Seriously Increasing SCOTUS

    "When most people talk about expanding the Supreme Court, they're talking about adding a few Justices, two or four to the bench. But I am not most people. I do not think we should add a few Justices to get into an endless tit for tat with Mitch McConnell and his Federalist Societ