1. Robert Hubbell: Arizona accepts Trump's invitation, abolishes reproductive liberty.

    Commentary: "The difference could not be starker . President Biden promises to sign a bill restoring the federal right to reproductive liberty recognized in Roe v. Wade and Donald Trump promises to support a state’s right to imprison a doctor who provides abortion healthcare." #Wom
  2. Simon Rosenberg + Robert Hubbell together under the tent!

    Join us this Wed 9/27 @7pm ET as we welcome Simon Rosenberg and Robert Hubbell: Cheer-Leaders for Democracy 🌟 🗽. They champion the values of democracy, believing in its power to unite, empower, and uplift societies. 🤝 Their efforts have been a beacon of hope in these trying times
  3. Is Trump to the GOP like a Parasitic Wasp to a Caterpillar?

    By Thom Hartmann The Republican presidential debate wasn’t encouraging: Trump’s hold on the GOP appears stronger than ever. And that’s bad news for America. In Robert Hubbell’s excellent Today’s Edition Newsletter on Substack, he made the point yesterday that Trump’s relationship t