1. Shameless Liar Trump Gives E. Jean Carroll More Ammo to Sue Him Again

    By Ben Metzner Donald Trump can’t seem to stop talking about E. Jean Carroll, financial consequences be damned. Speaking with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on Tuesday, Trump continued to claim his innocence, despite being found liable for sexually assaulting Carroll in a Manhattan Bergdorf
  2. Trump’s Bad Day in Court Gets Even Worse with E. Jean Carroll Loss

    By Hafiz Rashid Donald Trump is going to have to pony up $83 million to E. Jean Carroll after all, after a judge on Thursday struck down Trump’s latest attempt to get a new trial. Judge Lewis Kaplan, who presided over both of Trump’s trials against Carroll, denied the former pres
  3. I'm glad it was explained in this article. The original one I read (on cnn.com or nytimes.com) didn't spell it out (so to speak) and I would've given the same response as #RobertaKaplan did. :) I hate and despise the word, but after all the "HILLARY IS A CUNT" bumper stickers I sa
  4. E Jean Carroll’s lawyer says Trump used code to call her the c-word

    By Gustaf Kilander The top lawyer for writer E Jean Carroll has said that former President Donald Trump used a thinly veiled and well-known coded expression to call her the c-word during a deposition. Attorney Roberta Kaplan represented Ms Carroll in both her defamation trials afte
  5. Roberta Kaplan on how, at least for now, the U.S. judicial system works. #RobertaKaplan , #diaperDon , #USConstitutionalLaw , #democracyoverautocracy , #DemocracyOverFascism ,
  6. There is money to be had from Trumps abuse: Has Trump: Raped, defamed, caused bodily harm, loss of life, threats or any one of the other dozens of crimes that that prick has committed - Than contact attorney in Roberta Kaplan post haste.