1. ~ "How Do People Feel About Climate Change" ~ It presents a significant global challenge ~ It causes severe weather patterns, crop damage, and rising sea levels ~ #Activism ~ www visualcapitalist com/sp/views-on-climate-change/
  2. Interactive map shows Florida areas under water in 2100 due to climate change

    By John O'sullivan Several parts of Florida could be underwater by the year 2100 if climate change leads to a temperature increase of 4.9°, according to this frightening map produced by Climate Central. Coastal areas are most prone to ending up underwater if the sea levels, accele
  3. Building a Resilient Future: Navigating Challenges with Adaptability and Innovation

    Introduction As we stand at the crossroads of an ever-evolving world marked by uncertainties, challenges, and rapid change, the concept of resilience emerges as a guiding principle for shaping our future. Resilience is not merely about bouncing back from adversity but entails the
  4. Understanding the strength development mechanism of chemically treated sandy soil

    By Science X staff Chemical injection is a process that enhances sand strength and its water-sealing capacity, making sandy soil suitable for various applications in construction. However, a unified understanding of how this process results in increased strength remains elusive. S
  5. Climate Modeling Prize awarded

    The climate model created by a team from Sandia Labs provides a basis for planning for extreme temperatures, droughts, floods, and rising sea levels in the coming decades. #climatechange https://www.hpcwire.com/2023/11/21/scream-wins-gordon-bell-climate-prize-at-sc23/