1. The late, great George Carlin gives contemporary America something to think about... #georgecarlin #irony #Humor #fertilization #pregnancy #Childbearing #rightwingjudges
  2. 12 Days of a CHUMPIE CHRISTMAS.....

    On the 12th day of Christmas Dicktator Trump gave to me..... 12 Stolen Documents 11 Right Wing Judges 10 Cancerous Windmills 9 Abortion Clinics Closing 8 Wetter Hurricanes πŸŒ€ 7 Polling Stations Closing 6 Dirty Diapers 5 Paper Clogged Toilets 🎢🎢🎢 4 Sharpie Mandered Maps 3 Bleach Bottl
  3. A fellow Postie wants to know how to get ahead or control the narrative especially when it comes to the environment. Somehow the left seems incapable of owning the narrative for the things we hold sacred. Sure we have art and music and stars Why are we so crappy with simple messagi