1. With the launch of the PWHL, I am looking at the history of women's hockey in Canada. Today, I am looking at Lady Isobel Gathorne-Hardy, an early supporter of women's hockey in Canada! Lady Isobel was the daughter of Lord Stanley, the Governor General of Canada. She was a huge fan
  2. Greenpeace inflates a giant owl to push feds on promised nature protection law

    By Matteo Cimellaro The spotted owl is a Canadian symbol of the world’s collapsing biodiversity. In Canada, only one female remains in the wild, with logging and other industries threatening to make it vanish completely. On Wednesday, Greenpeace Canada inflated a giant owl on the R
  3. Stompin' Tom Connors almost never appeared without his trademark hat. One of the rare times he removed it was for his nationally-televised wedding on CBC to Lena Welsh on Nov. 2, 1973. In 2002, he was invited to Rideau Hall with several other famous Canadians to meet Queen Elizabet