1. NEW EPISODE! 馃帶

    Finishing up the Rh么ne Valley whites this week, collecting more grapes along the way, ending with some special treats. 馃 Links in show notes to all the goodies, other pods, vids, production rules, maps, resources, etc. #WinePodcast #Wine #rhonewine #Frenchwine #rhone #GlassInSessi
  2. Ch芒teauneuf--does it age? Yeah, with some caveats

    So, Ch芒teauneuf is a familiar favorite, usually coming with the advice to drink on the early to mid-term side. That depends, of course, on lots of things as they are not a monolith. This regular 2000 is one I probably should not have kept this long. (It is hard to drink fast enou
  3. C么te R么tie from Louis Cheze

    So, eventually you find some nice new things you didn't know. Hey, I can't have stumbled onto everything! :) I liked this smooth, fresh and polished 2015 C么te R么tie Bellissima Louis Cheze (all Syrah, I'm told). I didn't really know it before. It drank easy and well. Admittedly, I
  4. Old Rhone

    Well, old Rhone is not always a success, but this Southern Rhone (think of it as Chateauneuf) from Rasteau has always been a cut above. The fruit certainly is mature, but the power and intensity make this vibrant. It desperately needs food. This producer is super in the vintage a
  5. A day in Lyon

    1) ALL salads should have poached eggs, cheese, bacon & fried things on them. 2) Yes I went in a church & lightening did not/DID NOT strike. 3) Yes, that's a real toilet, in a real hotel! #Lyon #travel #France #rhone
  6. Ch芒teauneuf du Pape Happy Snaps

    aaaannndd the CdP! Can't "do" Southern Rh么ne without it. 馃嵎 Again, it was the blanc, particularly from Ch芒teau la Nerthe that we - lovers of red wine - absolutely adored. #wine #Rhone #ChateauneufDuPape #FrenchWine #WineTravel #WineTasting #WineEducation