1. Haunting footage shows three friends hug before being swept away by deadly flood

    By Susie Beever This was the harrowing moment three friends embraced in torrential floods before firefighters "watched them disappear" in horror. Patrizia Cormos, Cristian Molnar and Bianca Doros were last seen by the Natisone River near Udine in Friuli, North East Italy . The three
  2. See how rescue team emotional moments after recovering the body of Raisi at the scene

    By Sefu Sabila The body of Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi was recovered on Monday, May 20, after the rescue team stepped up a search mission amid heavy rains A video capturing an emotional moment the rescue team evacuated his body alongside the remains of other victims has surfaced
  3. Cops, Members of The Public Unite to Retrieve Body of Police Boss Who Sadly Drowned in Car

    By Susan Mwenesi The body of CI Cyprian Walunya Kasili, the base commander at Ruai, was retrieved after the members of the public made a police report According to a police report made at KBC Police Station under NO 38, members of the public became concerned when they saw a car sub
  4. 'Red Queen' Ending Explained: Antonia Scott pursues the mastermind amid startling revelations

    By Kanika Saini Contains spoilers for 'Red Queen' MADRID, SPAIN: 'Red Queen' , streaming on Prime Video , is a Spanish crime thriller series based on Juan Gómez-Jurado's novel. It offers a suspenseful plot revolving around Antonia Scott (Vicky Luengo), a gifted woman with an impressiv
  5. British safari guide lucky to be alive after spending night in crocodile-infested waters

    By Charlie Duffield A British safari guide spent a night holding tight to his truck after he mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up in a crocodile -infested river. Mike Turner, 56, had collected an open-topped 'game viewer' 4x4 jeep and was using Google Maps to direct him to a gu