1. Une porte-parole tout en humour

    Avec l’artiste ontarien LeFLOFRANCO, Micheline Marchildon est la porte-parole de la 26e édition des Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2024. Actrice, animatrice humoriste et maintenant porte-parole. Pour Micheline Marchildon, ce nouveau rôle s’inscrit dans la continuité de son travail
  2. University leadership in quandary as campus uproar grows over professor's controversial remarks

    Oleh Davydchak, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Lviv Polytechnic National University, met with students on Nov. 14 as they rallied for the dismissal of linguist Iryna Farion, who teaches at the university, news outlet Novyny.Live has reported. Davydchak said that a decision to
  3. WATCH: Ypee marvels as he watches Hajia Bintu's backside in video

    By Geraldo Amartey Ypee, in a video, met Hajia Bintu in town and was stunned by the social media influencer's big backside and curves The musician exchanged hugs with Bintu and watched in disbelief as the young lady gave him a 360 The video popped up on social media, and Ghanaians i