1. Scrapping the bonus cap has only widened the City’s gender inequality

    By Jonathan Prynn It is seven years since Theresa May told major employers to start publishing data on the pay gap between the men and women on their payrolls. Along with the energy price cap it is one of the few enduring legacies of her turbulent three years as prime minister. Alth
  2. Zimbabwe: MPs Request 'Privilege' to Bring Spouses to Hotel Stays During Parliament Business Trips

    By Reason Razao / New Zimbabwe [New Zimbabwe] Members of Parliament (MPs) have urged the government to benchmark their remuneration against neighbouring South Africa while requesting that they bring spouses to official accommodation during August House sittings. The MPs also voiced
  3. African nurse finds brighter future in Ireland: Video shows her new car, something she'd never dreamed of in Ghana

    By Rianette Cluley A video of a Ghanaian lady speaking on her experience as a nurse in Ireland has gone viral She opened up on her time as a psychiatric nurse in Ghana and compared it to her present reality in Ireland The young lady advised nurses who wish to relocate abroad to make