1. 🌱

    There is still time to look at things differently, to see potential in how people veiw themselves and others. To unite over a common causes that brings mental stability and and social justice to the forefront. To see value in oneself and others around and to break the barriers o
  2. I wish I could be with you to help you through whatever you’re dealing with. I wish I could be your sounding board to hear all you have to say, to vent. I hope you have someone to talk to. I know there is a line approaching and as I get ready and closer to the line things feel so
  3. Songs of the Past Remind Us of the Future

    In other news. Music 🎶 We can keep pretending that music does not hold power after wave of wave of separatist and malicious division comes crashing down. From that crash comes seeds of hope growing across the lands. As we sing sing together and remember why we come here are why w
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