1. I'm an artist and know a lot of artists who are hurt by AI. There are ways artist can fight back, but it was just immoral/unethical they way they developed AI. #RegulateBigTech because they do NOT regulate themselves!! All of them have fallen victim to greed!
  2. #RegulateBigTech
  3. #BreakUpBigTech #RegulateBigTech They have proven that they won't regulate themselves.
  4. #HoldBigTechAccountable AI should NOT have been released to the public and they know that, but did it anyway!! #BreakUpBigTech #RegulateBigTech
  5. News content: study shows its true $$$ value to Big Tech

    The question: should Big Tech pay for news content? Should Big Tech pay for news? This question is critical as Big Tech companies like Google and Meta fight governments around the world using law/regulation to ensure fair compensation frameworks for online news content. What is th