1. "Pautoto": The Rising Star in Sustainable Agriculture In the realm of sustainable agriculture, where innovation is key to combating the challenges posed by climate change, soil degradation, and dwindling resources, one term has been gaining significant attention: Pautoto. This una
  2. Growing Together: Kheti Buddy Paves the Way for Collaborative Regenerative Farming

    India, May 7, 2024 As the world continues to emphasize sustainable agricultural methods, Kheti Buddy is an important contributor in India, encouraging collaborative regenerative farming practices for a more promising and environmentally friendly future. Kheti Buddy is a significant
  3. How Honey Spencer is finally clearing up natural wine

    By Joanna Taylor Natural wine is hardly a closely guarded secret, yet so few of us know much beyond its stylish labels and (sometimes) cloudy nature. Honey Spencer is one of the exceptions. Having dedicated her working life to understanding the beguiling, erratic world of the rema
  4. The dilemma of Walmart's 1$ potatoes

    I am running a food security project in my community. It is called From Seed to Plate and is pretty simple: Teach people how to grow their own food and convert their lawns in garden Keep them engaged and teach them how to cook and preserve these veggies through cooking lessons and
  5. Common Ground the Film

    It is a story of our time, a story of collapse and a story of hope. It is an infuriating, a depressing, a head-turning, a gut-wrenching story. It is a simple solution, a constructive solution and a transformative solution. It is as complex as it is simple. It is a call to refocus. I
  6. Is Eco-Friendly Hemp Farming Profitable? This Company Proves It Is And Now Leads A Revolution In Cannabis Cultivation

    By Patricio Liddle "It's no longer enough for companies to be aware of issues. Businesses must be at the forefront of instituting practices that address environmental and climate issues, not add to them," said Stefanie Reiser , CEO of Acknowledge , a pioneering cannabis farm in Mary
  7. Two rooms, two ambiances and a confused me in the hallway! A story of regenerative farming and love of land

    Hoping that this article will spark some interesting discussions. The goal here is not to oppose two things but celebrate them and those who are the actors of it. Thank you for your work and opening the doors of your world to me! Also, my use of the left brain / right brain analo
  8. How Oregon Is Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel

    By Krista Simmons Looking out over the rolling green hills dotted with lush Douglas fir and vineyards, I swirl my glass, take in the aromas, and sip. Immediate clarity, vibrant minerality, and a smooth, round finish blanket my palate. But it’s not the Willamette Valley’s best Char
  9. From Country Focus BBC Sounds: Regenerative farming - it's a catch all buzzword that's being used in the agricultural sector and the media, but what does it mean in practise and how can it benefit the environment? Ahead of next week's Royal Welsh Agricultural Show Caroline Evans v