1. Drowning Deaths in US Suddenly Spike

    By Monica Sager Deaths from drownings are back on the rise after decades of declines, with young children seeing the biggest increase. Between 2020 and 2022, more than 4,500 people in the U.S. died from drowning each of those years, according to a new report from the CDC . In 2019,
  2. Kenya: Kimende Escarpment Declared Danger Zone Following Landslide

    By Editorial Desk / Capital FM [Capital FM]Nairobi -- The Kenya Red Cross has declared the Kimende escarpment a danger zone following a landslide that struck the area on Tuesday night. There were no immediate reports of casualties. "The area has been cordoned off and declared a dang
  3. How These Kenyans Cheated Death after Disaster Befell Their Apartment

    By Kai Eli Nairobi: The Kenya Red Cross has confirmed that no one died inside the rubble of the collapsed residential apartment in the Uthiru area. The five-storey building came down on the evening of Tuesday, May 7. "In Uthiru, nairobi county, a building has collapsed, response tea
  4. People eating ‘grass and peanut shells’ in Darfur, UN says, as hunger crisis engulfs war-ravaged Sudan

    By Louis Mian, Sharon Braithwaite, Ingrid Formanek and Richard Roth, CNN Time is running out to prevent starvation in Darfur, in western Sudan, a UN agency has warned, as escalating violence devastates the African nation. People have been forced to consume “grass and peanut shells,
  5. Kenya: Dozens Killed As Dam Bursts in Kenya Following Devastating Rains

    By Mohammed Yusuf / VOA [VOA]Nairobi, Kenya -- More than 40 people have died in southwestern Kenya after a dam burst Sunday night following heavy rains which spawned devastating flooding across the country. Earlier, several people went missing after their boat capsized in a river
  6. Activists press International Federation of #RedCross to act over #Russia Red Cross's links w #Kremlin Role of RRC President in pro- #Putin “patriotic” organization; senior RRC staff speak of impossibility of peace w “Ukrainian Nazis”; & RRC role in military training for children
  7. Russian Red Cross has pro-Kremlin bias, conducts military fundraising and abuse Ukrainian POWs Employees of the Russian Red Cross travel to the occupied territories, although they do not have the right to do so, and support aggression against Ukraine. There is evidence that they h
  8. A bag of blood is seen sitting on a table at a Red Cross blood drive. #Photography #Photographs #Pictures #Photos #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalismPhotography #RedCross #Blood #BloodDrive #BloodDonation Jon Cherry/Getty Images
  9. 👇 🇺🇸 "The Latest Covid Conspiracy Theory Targets Red Cross Blood Donations" #ConspiracyTheories #RedCross #antVaxxers