1. OMG This.

    #KatrinaForSenate Pick a dem you can support and help them succeed. Wow. This is something. #KatrinaChristiansen #NorthDakota Did I say WOW? #DemsDeliver #NorthDakota #RebuildtheMiddleClass #StopTheWolves
  2. Adrift:American 100 charts- Scott Galloway I had not had a chance to read Adrift until recently and I do think it portrays a picture close to the reality we are enduring. As a parent of adult children, this is all concerning. @profgalloway

    “We are a nation adrift. We lack wind or sail, we have no shortage of captains or gear, yet our mighty ship flounders in the sea of partisanship, corruption, and selfishness. Our discourse is course. Young people are failing to form relationships, and our brightest seek individua
  3. More good news for Bidenomics | Heather Cox Richardson | 27 July 2023

    Read the article on Substack: "More good news today for Bidenomics, as the gross domestic product report for the second quarter showed annualized growth of 2.4%, higher than projected, and inflation rose at a slower pace of 2.6%, down from last quarter and well below projections..
  4. Citizens United brought us Democracy divided: Democrats protect the people while Republicans bow to corporate billionaires. Resist! #Resist #CitizensUnited #OverturnCitizensUnitedNOW #RobertReich #uspolitics #politics #democracy #InequityIsReal #WealthInequality #taxtherichmore #