1. 'Total set up from Trump': Internet disagrees as former president labels RFK Jr as 'most radical left candidate' in 2024 race

    By Riya Peter PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Former President Donald Trump labeled independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr as the "most radical left candidate in the race," arguing he is more in line with Democrats, which would benefit MAGA . In a nearly three-minute video mess
  2. Republicans Have an Internal Polling Problem

    By James Bickerton Republican Teddy Powell lost his bid for a seat in the Alabama House to Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands on Tuesday despite internal polling conducted in December which suggested he was on course for a comfortable victory. Lands flipped the previously Republica
  3. Internet calls Van Jones 'full of ' as he tells Joe Biden to ‘stay hidden’ during re-election campaign

    By Rittwik Naskar WASHINGTON, DC.: An ex-Barack Obama administration official has opined that President Joe Biden should return to the basement, following former President Donald Trump 's overwhelming victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday, January 23. CNN pundit
  4. 'He thinks he has a chance': Ron DeSantis mocked over vow to fire Jack Smith on Day 1 if elected president

    By Rittwik Naskar TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that, if elected President of the United States, he would take immediate action to remove special counsel Jack Smith from his position on "Day One" of his admini
  5. 'Talk about burning money': Internet baffled as Koch group spends $70M on Nikki Haley in the hope she comes 'second or third' in Iowa caucuses

    By Rittwik Naskar WASHINGTON, DC: A super PAC backed by the Koch network has reportedly pledged to invest $70 million in support of presidential candidate Nikki Haley's campaign. The investment aims to secure a strong position for the former South Carolina Governor in Iowa, in comp
  6. Path to Future Dictatorship in United States - Trump Tyranny

    Let’s Stop the Wishful Thinking and Face the Stark Reality: There is a Clear Path to Dictatorship in US and it is getting shorter every day. In 13 weeks, Donald Trump will have locked up the #Republican #nomination . By Robert Kagan Reference Article In the #RealClearPolitics pol
  7. Oh. Damn. @heidireports with important note #RealClearPolitics .
  8. #DougJones just posted about this very topic with a link to #RealClearPolitics . (Wasn't able to provide link but the story is about this exact threat to our two-party democratic system.)
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