1. I pulled the data I collected for my rescues to compare 2023 to 2022. #raptorrescue #birdsofpreyrescue #Raptors #birdsofprey
  2. 2023 Raptor Renestings

    Here are the raptor species I renested in 2023. Given the number of baby Red Shouldered hawks I rescued, it makes sense that these are the most I also renested. However, I did renest the same of number of Great Horned Owls that I did not rescue; these were foster babies who lost
  3. 2023 Stats - Rescue/Capture Method I Use

    How do I rescue/capture raptors? By far the most efficient and fast method is netting. I am no longer the middle distance runner I used to be, and the sooner I catch the bird, the sooner I can get it into treatment. Water rescues are primarily ospreys and eagles. Typically, Ospre
  4. 2023 Wildlife Centers For Raptors I Rescue

    Where do I take sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey once I rescue them? Not surprisingly, we have few places to take them, which is pretty typical anywhere here in the U.S. The ones I take to DNR are those that are automatic euthanizations due to the severity of injuries I see
  5. Raptor Species Rescued In 2023

    Next up, the number of different species I rescued in 2023. Not surprisingly, Red Shouldered hawks and Ospreys were close. Fun fact: I am known far and wide in Maryland as the Osprey Lady. Where's my crown, sash, tiara, sceptre? ;) The number of Bald Eagles (4) is the most I've ev
  6. Bald Eagle Rescue

    Might as well celebrate the Winter Soltice here in Maryland by wading into a pond to rescue a bald eagle! Air temperature was 34 degrees F, no wind and sunshine. Two of my fellow raptor rescuers were part of this rescue effort. We suspect lead poisoning; the eagle is being treate