A.I. AGENTS (personalized/specialized chatGPTs trained on your own data) are all the rage. For example, here's Mitch Jackson "A.I. Negotiator," answering the question: What are some effective negotiation tactics? What are some effective negotiation tactics? Effective negotiation ta
  2. A producer’s unlikely connection with a serial killer may help solve a cold case

    By Lisa Respers France, CNN Peter Reiss won’t call serial killer Joel Rifkin a friend, but they have definitely forged a relationship over the years. That has led to the forthcoming A&E special “Cold Case Files: The Rifkin Murders” in which authorities attempt to learn the names of
  3. Worked with an #acting #coaching client how to with scene partner/s make it as if you've known each other for years even if in real life you've only just met. #ActingCoach #rapport #ScenePartner #actorslife #actor