1. A Wrinkle in Time on the Grounds of an Infamous Civil War General’s Plantation

    By John Banks On a cloudless, deep-blue sky afternoon, I drive 45 miles south of Nashville to Columbia for a visit with one of my favorite people, Campbell Ridley. He’s an 80-year-old semi-retired farmer, U.S. Army veteran, rock & roll devotee, and storyteller with a wit and sense
  2. Political Games!

    What a bunch of ignorant rambling. Building batteries is not the same as building and installing the equipment to build the batteries. One is an ongoing endeavor while the other is a one-time specialization.
  3. A Rough Saturday Night

    Goose says he had a tough evening, and it will take an afternoon of napping to recover so could I just go away and finish that post on my theory of soil that I keep rambling on about endlessly. #tabbycats
  4. And we close out our #WriterWednesday blog crawl and rambling rhapsodists' rumba with our credo: feed an author, leave a review.
  5. “Devotion to anything, if you were female, could make you ridiculous.” It seems my blog is devolving into rambling book recommendations about life, the universe, and female sexuality. Sorry not sorry!