1. Transportist: June 2024

    By David M Levinson Welcome to the latest issue of The Transportist , especially to our new readers. As always you can follow on Mastodon or RSS . It’s been a busy month at Transportist world HQ. Also I will be attending WSTLUR in Bogota this month. This month Posts: Western Sydney Air
  2. After getting billions in federal funding Amtrak is ‘trying to claw 19th century and 20th century assets and pull them into the 21st century,’ CEO says

    By Paolo Confino Every day, several speeding Amtrak trains slow down from a rip-roaring 110 miles per hour to a 30-mile-per-hour crawl as they navigate a tight turn through a 151-year-old tunnel. Built in 1873, the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel was hailed at the time as an engineer
  3. Loose Truckload Market Pressures Intermodal Volume in Eastern Corridors

    By FreightWaves One of the first things to understand about rail intermodal is that some lanes are more competitive with the highway than others. In dense lanes with very long lengths of haul, like Los Angeles to Chicago, a trip that exceeds 2,000 miles, it's easy for rail intermod
  4. OPINION - The Standard View: After a historic win, now it's time for Sadiq Khan to deliver his legacy

    By Evening Standard Comment In the end, it was not all that close. Sadiq Khan secured a historic third term as London Mayor with 44 per cent of the vote over Conservative challenger Susan Hall’s 33 per cent. If anything, the uncertainty over the change to the voting system to firs
  5. Железнодорожные перевозки из Китая и стран Европы. SLP logistic - ваш надежный партнер в области международных логистических решений для бизнеса. Мы специализируемся на организации железнодорожных, авиа, автомобильных и морских перевозок из Китая и стран Европы. Железнодорожные пе
  6. This train route is being revived after over 100 years

    By Julia Buckley, CNN Editor’s Note: Sign up to CNN Travel’s Unlocking Italy newsletter for insider intel on Italy’s best loved destinations and lesser-known regions to plan your ultimate trip. Plus, we’ll get you in the mood before you go with movie suggestions, reading lists and
  7. Colorado’s I-25 is partially closed after a coal train derailed off a bridge and killed a semi-truck driver, authorities say

    By Chris Boyette and Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN A portion of Colorado’s Interstate 25 has been shut down in both directions after a coal train derailed off a bridge and onto the roadway Sunday afternoon, killing a semi-truck driver, state authorities said. Crews are working to clear topp
  8. Solo sleeping pods aim to revolutionize European train travel

    By Julia Buckley, CNN Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get the latest news in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. As Europe’s rail revolution continues apace, one of its major players has decided to b
  9. Britain’s high-speed rail fiasco reflects grim economic reality

    By Analysis by Mark Thompson, CNN In 1825, the world’s first passenger train went into service in northern England. It heralded the start of a railway age that transformed the country’s economy by slashing journey times, boosting trade routes and connecting major cities. Fast-forwa
  10. With China’s help, Indonesia launches Southeast Asia’s first bullet train

    By Heather Chen, CNN Indonesia has launched Southeast Asia’s first-ever bullet train, a high-speed rail line that will connect two of its largest cities. The $7.3 billion project, part of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative and largely funded by Chinese state-owned firm