1. Shocking video shows man attempting to mow down students outside Jewish school: ‘I’m going to kill all the Jews’

    By Graig Graziosi A driver in New York was arrested after he allegedly jumped a curb and tried to mow down a group of students and rabbis on the lawn outside a Jewish school in Brooklyn . Asghar Ali, 58, allegedly slammed on his brakes before turning his car around and accelerating
  2. Interestingly, there are successful congregations that have multiple rabbis: In South Florida, Beth Torah in North Miami Beach and B'nai Torah in Boca Raton (both Conservative) are examples. Also in South Florida, which has a large population of Jewish immigrants from Latin Americ
  3. From Dreams to Reality: My Musical Journey from Rock Star Aspirations to Rabbinical Songwriting

    By Rabbi Sandra Lawson Like many kids, I once dreamed of becoming a rock star. Armed with a hairbrush and later a Mr. Microphone, I'd spend countless hours in front of our big stereo, belting out radio tunes and imagining my living room as my own personal stage. However, as I grew
  4. Socialism Explains Support for the Palestinians in the West.

    The Financial Times released a poll today conducted by YouGov that showed — as the headline reads — "The US is far more pro-Israel than other western countries. While I object to the question, as it should have read, "Which side in the Hamas-Israeli conflict do you sympathize with
  5. Amy Siskind - wrote "The List" (tracking all of the explicative we put up with, during the fakkke-potus years, which is now in the Library of Congress)

    "For my Jewish friends and our allies: a space for our collective grief, clearing up of misinformation, anti-Semitism exploding, media bias, we cover it all. Sending you all hugs and strength. Am Yisrael Chai." I haven't been politically involved /a staunch activist, in a couple of
  6. 500 #Jewish #New #Yorkers and allies held sit-in at the iconic symbol of hope and freedom to call attention to the escalating death toll in #Gaza and demand a ceasefire now Reference Article WASHINGTON - Five hundred Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City members and allies took ov
  7. What you fail to mention is that these protesters were Rabbis and Jewish people who yelled: Not In Our Name! Stop the Genocide!!