1. Safe And Just Earth System Boundaries

    [personal plea – do not use Gall-Peters Projection for your publication’s global maps 😊 ] “The stability and resilience of the Earth system and human well-being are inseparably linked, yet their interdependencies are generally under-recognized; consequently, they are often treated
  2. Analysis-Bank of Canada may end quantitative tightening sooner after money market strains

    By: Fergal Smith TORONTO (Reuters) - The Bank of Canada's unwinding of a pandemic-era stimulus policy could end sooner than expected after a shortage of cash in the financial system forced the central bank to use a key liquidity operation for the first time in four years. CORRA, th
  3. Geomorphometry - A Brief Guide

    shared paper “Geomorphometry is the science of quantitative land-surface analysis. It evolved directly from geomorphology and quantitative terrain analysis, two disciplines that originated in 19th century geometry, physical geography, and the measurement of mountains. Modern geomo