1. I sure wish I slept this well….. #puppylife #dogsofpost
  2. Mom was away for a really long time but she is back and now I have to work for my supper. Again. Dad was much better. Not only was dinner served in a nice bowl, he put some pouch toppers on it too. And training. She is back to her old tricks training me to be a nice dog. Not just
  3. I’m just going to leave this here. You’ll see when he realizes I was taking pictures of him….. you’re welcome #dogsofpost #puppylife
  4. This has to be child abuse!! I can’t even take a nap without my mother taking pictures of me sleeping. And not the angelic poses where I’m curled up all neat like. NO. Not my mother. She waits until I’m slack jawed and drooling. And then, THEN she posts them on the internet fo
  5. My mother is no evil genius. Evil, definitely, genius, not so much. You see this thing she pulled out of the freezer for dessert last night? We’ll first of all ITS FROZEN. So I took forever to get all the banana and yogurt mash off it. Then there are these ridiculous little compa