1. ‘I wouldn't let my dog walk up there' - Wethersfield resident says contamination of site is 'well known'

    By Georgia Pearce A resident of Wethersfield has said the concerns over contamination of the ex-RAF airfield which has been used to house asylum seekers “has been known about for quite a few years." Speaking on GB News, Dave Price claimed: “I wouldn’t let my dog walk up there. This
  2. Nestlé Adds Sugar to Baby Milk and Cereal in Poorer Nations

    By Armani Syed Food and beverage giant Nestlé adds sugar and honey to its infant milk and cereal products in developing countries but not in European markets, according to a new report published Wednesday. In a joint investigation, Zurich-based watchdog Public Eye and the Internati
  3. Question: What medical inaccuracies are intended to be taught instead? Is TN hoping to move up from its rank as 7th highest teen birth rate in the nation? Aren't they also trying to make the age of consent 13? This is some sick sh*t.
  4. #TransportationPolicy #Automobile #urbanplanning #PublicHealthConcerns
  5. Explainer-US limits on PFAS in drinking water could fuel litigation

    By: Clark Mindock (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the first federal regulations on toxic "forever chemicals" in drinking water, setting tight limits that essentially require public water systems to all but eliminate their presence in American tap
  6. MBench "CDC has been helping republicans use the public as a laborclass serf puppymill and contaminating the genetic lineage with antidepressent sideeffects

    Exercise Physiologist Michael Bench " The public are getting further ambivalent to their nutrition as well. In a recent commercial for Weight Watchers I observed a system of numeric safety for eating one of their meals . The meal rated '0' as to infer it was ok to eat. Nutrition