1. Justin Timberlake Broke Up With Britney Spears Over Text Message, She Claims in New Memoir

    In The Woman in Me, Spears writes that she kissed choreographer Wade Robson as a reaction to reports that Timberlake had been cheating. By Kase Wickman Even Britney Spears has been subjected to the dreaded text message breakup, according to her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me . In t
  2. Microdosing Unveiled: Expert's Take On The Practice's Ups & Downs

    By Lara Goldstein (See Part 1: Exclusive Insights: How Tech Leaders Are Finding Balance Through Microdosing Psychedelics ) Paul Austin , the trainer of psychedelics microdosing practitioners, spoke to Benzinga about his collaboration with Lauren Mugglebee, who transitioned from a car
  3. Russia runs out of antidepressants as Putin's Ukraine catastrophe hits morale

    By Holly Bishop The Ukrainian war has left Russians’ morale low and the country has run out of anti-depressants to treat the condition. Russians’ usage of Prozac, an anti-depressant drug, rose by 63 per cent in 2022 as the population struggled to cope with the mental toll of the co
  4. The Scale of Cat

    #cats #caturdayeveryday I have to say, today for me feels like a 7. Harvey's more a 6 today. That's great, considering we are stepping him down slightly on his Prozac dosage. He is doing so well. Such a good boi!
  5. Gratitude & Reality check

    I'm grateful for #Post , #JackSmith , #Crepes , #Prozac , my #Cat , growth, #CrimeShows , and #Indictments Last July my PTSD was severe and I was jumping at everything, not sleeping, and soooo anxious and disgusted with my weight and feeling hopeless. In December I nearly didn't