1. Girlfriend records boyfriend secretly practicing before dreamy proposal in a wholesome video

    By Radhika Agarwal Girlfriend records boyfriend secretly practicing before dreamy proposal in a wholesome video Proposals are special , as they mark a new beginning in your and your partner's lives. Hence, no amount of practice or planning might be enough. A glimpse of a man's pre-p
  2. Boyfriend surprises his artist girlfriend with the most wholesome proposal

    By Radhika Agarwal Boyfriend surprises his artist girlfriend with the most wholesome proposal Proposals are a core memory for many couples. It is usually the next "big step" in a relationship and that's why they try to make it more extravagant. However, a couple on TikTok have prov
  3. Double the Love: Nigerian Twins' Public Proposal Leads to Joyous Public Dance Spectacle

    By Basit Jamiu Twins who proposed to another set of twins in Nigeria were filmed having fun and dancing in public in a video that quickly went viral on TikTok In the video, the two sets of twins enjoyed each other's company, dancing and taking in the fresh air around the city Their
  4. Boyfriend Finds Perfect Spot for Proposal but There's a Problem—'I'll Wait'

    By Soo Kim A video of an ideal setting for a marriage proposal that's missing a key element has gone viral on TikTok . The footage was shared by @laauramariie and has had 3.5 million views since it was posted on April 24. A message overlaid on the clip reads: "Bf [boyfriend]: 'this w
  5. 10 most memorable celebrity moments from Met Gala: From Doja Cat's feline look to Lady Gaga's striptease

    By Khushali Srivastava A look back at the most outrageous celebrity moments from the Met Gala The hotly-anticipated annual Met Gala will be held on May 6. Celebrities, models and fashion insiders come together on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's steps, showcasing their best style.
  6. City approves Museum of London demolition and London Wall West scheme, but Gove puts plan on pause

    By Daniel O'Boyle and Robert Dex The City of London Corporation planning applications sub committee has approved a major new development at the former Museum of London site at London Wall, and the demolition of Bastion House at the site, after three years of consultations. However,
  7. 'Trump-proofing' military aid for Ukraine to defeat Putin war to be discussed by Nato chiefs

    By Nicholas Cecil Nato foreign ministers were in talks on longer-term military support for Ukraine including a proposed £86 billion fund and a plan seen as a way to " Trump -proof" aid for Kyiv. Proposals by Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg would give the Western military alli
  8. Energy Price Cap could be replaced by ‘market-based’ system

    By Daniel O'Boyle The Energy Price Cap could be replaced by a “market-based” system that could leave household consumers more exposed to the fluctuations in the wholesale energy markets , under new proposals being considered by the energy regulator. Ofgem is consulting on “a range o
  9. Talks To Save The Colorado River Just Hit A Logjam

    “There has been a breakdown on the way toward a long-term plan to save the shrinking Colorado River. Negotiations over plans to conserve its waters starting in 2027 have bifurcated: Arizona and California, two of the biggest users of the river, said Wednesday they will give up mas
  10. Watch as New York’s Times Square hosts weddings and proposals for Valentines Day

    By Oliver Browning Watch as couples gather in Times Square , New York , on Valentine's Day (14 February). Once again this year, New Yorkers and visitors alike can declare their love and celebrate their relationships at the Crossroads of the World through surprise proposals and weddin