1. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 31

    Alan Thicke was briefly mentioned a couple of times in the challenges. I think his highest profile job was that of Mike Seaver, the dad on the ABC Sitcom "Growing Pains." Other people might remember he was briefly a late night talk show host. His program, "Thicke of the Night" wa
  2. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 30

    I don't know if you enjoy the work of Ric Burns. He is a documentarian and along with his brother Ken, they have done a series of films on various subjects, most of which relate directly to what we might call "The American Experience." Not everyone is interested in documentaries.
  3. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 28

    I already mentioned the program from which this song is taken, on that now infamous Day 7 of this month. Alex Trebek's "Double Dare" was a game show that appealed to me in a way I understand better now than I did back in the 1970s. There's something really satisfying about beatin
  4. August Music - The Bob Barker Sound Cues

    Back on January 22, I selected "Nikki," Burt Bacharach's song written for his daughter. Fifteen days later, he died. And it was on the 7th of this month that I chose "Stop Gap," the de facto theme song from "Truth or Consequences" which was the show Bob Barker hosted before the on
  5. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 26

    Saturday morning was the time for cartoons. If you were on your standard schedule for waking up to go to school every weekday, and of course we all were, it was natural to be able to jump out of bed and turn on the TV (but keeping it low because anybody else was probably still as
  6. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 22

    Today's song really does fit the title. This is one of those that got used in commercials and radio spots all over the country multiple times. But is probably more famous for being used during a few episodes of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Rocko's Modern Life." I was scouring eve
  7. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 15

    Today's song got used in all sorts of places. When the New York Yankees made their first return to the World Series in 1976, after having missed the October Classic since losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1964, Major League Baseball used this piece for their highlight film: "R
  8. August Music - Less Challenge, More Obscure Day 14

    I wasn't a tremendous fan of Charles Schulz. Don't get me wrong. I watched all of the TV specials, some of the theatrical motion pictures, read the comic strip and even was gifted a few volumes of the books as a kid. As an Employee of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Snoopy an