1. Trump accused of demanding special treatment for his New York probation interview

    By Kelly Rissman Questions are being asked over whether Donald Trump received preferential treatment during his pretrial probation interview. Trump attended an interview with his New York probation officer on Monday after being found guilty last month of 34 federal counts of falsif
  2. Trump Forced To Reveal “Whether He Is Associating With Criminals”

    By Aurora DeStefano The presumptive GOP presidential nominee, former President Donald Trump , has been allowed by Judge Juan Merchan to attend his pre-sentencing probation meeting via a video conference today with a New York City probation officer — with his attorney Todd Blanche b
  3. Former President Trump set for video probation interview from Mar-a-Lago before July sentencing

    By John O'sullivan Former President Donald Trump is set to be interviewed by New York probation officials on Monday , a necessary step ahead of his July sentencing in his criminal hush money case, as per three individuals privy to the plan. Trump will conduct the interview via a co
  4. Trump to sit for virtual probation interview on Monday ahead of sentencing over hush money conviction

    By Graig Graziosi Donald Trump will reportedly be interviewed by the Manhattan Criminal Court's probation department tomorrow for use in the pre-sentencing recommendation and judge's report. Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying documents to cover up a hush money payment t
  5. Stepdad admits 11-year-old girl is ‘not going to be found’ after she vanished getting off school bus a year ago

    By Michelle Del Rey The stepfather of an 11-year-old girl who went missing in 2022 said he doesn’t think the child will ever be found. Stepdad Christopher Palmiter, 61, was sentenced to 30 days of supervised probation for failing to report Madalina Cojocari missing . He had previous
  6. How Trump's Life Will Change Now That He's a Convicted Felon

    By Nik Popli Donald Trump is the first ex-President to be convicted of crimes, and now he'll be the first who has to negotiate the reality of being a felon in the U.S. The guilty verdict will likely result in new restrictions on Trump's rights and privileges, potentially impacting
  7. Woman avoids jail for fatally stabbing man over 100 times during cannabis psychosis

    By Amelia Neath A California woman who fatally stabbed a man she was dating more than 100 times while in a “cannabis-induced” psychosis has avoided jail. Bryn Spejcher, 32, was sentenced to two years of probation on Tuesday and must carry out 100 hours of community service that foc
  8. Voter fraud charges dropped against 69-year-old Black woman

    By Denise Royal and Dianne Gallagher, CNN Prosecutors dropped the charges against a 69-year-old Black woman arrested last month on voter fraud charges in Tallahassee, Florida. Marsha Ervin was on probation after a felony conviction when she voted in the 2020 general and 2022 primar
  9. Civil rights activists call for voter fraud charges against Black woman to be dropped

    By Devon M. Sayers, Denise Royal and Dianne Gallagher, CNN The Tallahassee NAACP and civil rights attorney Ben Crump are asking authorities to drop felony voter fraud charges against a 69-year-old Black woman who was arrested last month as part of a Florida elections investigation
  10. Man who threatened to detonate bomb near US Capitol sentenced to five years probation

    By By Holmes Lybrand, CNN The North Carolina man who live-streamed threats in 2021 to detonate alleged explosives in his truck parked on a sidewalk blocks from the US Capitol was sentenced to five years probation Friday after a judge found the man had been suffering from a signifi