1. Europe launches subsidies probe into Chinese wind turbine suppliers

    By Hanna Ziady, CNN Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Meanwhile in China newsletter which explores what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it impacts the world. The European Union has launched an investigation into China’s state support for its wind turbine companies,
  2. It's Genius Day | March 14th, 2024

    Genius Day celebrates one of the most renowned scientists of all time, Albert Einstein, who was born on today's date in 1879, in Ulm, Germany. In 1901, he gained Swiss citizenship and got a job at the Swiss Patent Office. He earned his doctorate in 1905 and became a professor in
  3. Battle of Princeton

    The Battle of Princeton (3 January 1777) was a small, yet significant, battle of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) in which the American Continental Army surprised and defeated a British force at Princeton, New Jersey. The battle saved New Jersey from British occupation
  4. 'When will I retire?' Sooner than you think. Why we can't all be Joe Biden

    We’re living healthier, longer. If we want to keep working past 70, what’s to stop us? A lot, as it turns out. By Daniel de Visé, USA TODAY We’re living healthier, longer. Many of us have jobs we can do on a computer from our couch. If we want to keep working past 70, or even past