1. Rhubarb Jam

    I finally got my hands on some nice rhubarb, so I made a batch of jam with it. Christine Ferber’s method of macerating the fruit (vegetable in this case) overnight and reducing the resulting syrup before adding the rhubarb is my preferred way of making jam. The rhubarb doesn’t co
  2. Harvest time...Applesauce!!!

    The apples on my neighbor's tree are ready for picking, so it's applesauce time. I never know from year to year how many it will produce. Last year, most of them shriveled up and dropped off. This year is abundant, but apples are on the small side. Fortunately applesauce care not
  3. Did I mention that it’s peach season? #food #preserving
  4. The fruits of our labor. All picked and packed by us. #canning #preserving #peaches #pears
  5. #Preserving #Children :o)