1. #SaveDemocracy #PreserveDemocracy • #BidenHarris2024 #VoteBlue
  2. #SaveDemocracy #PreserveDemocracy #VoteBlue #BidenHarris2024
  3. #BidenHarris2024 #PreserveDemocracy #SaveDemocracy #VoteBlue
  4. Your Vote is your Voice & Power

    Our Vote & our Voice is our Power! Make your Voting Plan now! Go to weall.vote/voterhub to find your Polling Place, what you need to bring with you & when your Polls are open in your Community. Do not take Democracy for granted. The new GOP is coming for all of your rights.
  5. BigTent Newsletter is out!

    We are all in focusing on Ohio with two important speakers coming to @bigtentusa on 7/12 and 7/18 and actions we can take before Ohio's August special election. We dive into understanding the all-out assault on LGBTQ+ people and what we can do to help to support protecting their