1. Wab Kinew, Manitoba’s first First Nations premier, wants to start with a clean slate

    By Katie Underwood (Photography by Aaron Vincent Elkaim) In early October, Manitoba chose Wab Kinew. The leader of the NDP and the son of an Anishinaabe chief, Kinew became the first First Nations premier in the province’s history—breaking a chain of conservative counterparts that,
  2. “Join me in sending a message to Manitoba Premier Stefanson calling on her to search the Prairie Green Landfill for the remains of Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran, & Buffalo Woman.” We all know that if these were white women we wouldn’t need this petition. Sign & share the petition
  3. 👇🇨🇦"'It can be done safely': Experts say method for landfill search has been successful in the past" #Indigenous #PrairieGreenLandfill #Winnipeg
  4. 👇🇨🇦"Search for remains at Winnipeg landfill could take years, cost up to $184M: feasibility study" #Winnipeg #PrairieGreenLandfill #FirstNationsWomen