1. Billionaires care more about money, i.e., not paying taxes, then they do the survival of the republic. Mark Cuban is the only one who spoke about drumpf. Money is everything to them and power. They will stay silent to insure they are adjacent to power.
  2. Who were the four most powerful individuals in history?

    “If I had to select four men who have had more power than any others, I should mention Buddha and Jesus Christ , Pythagoras and Galileo . No one of the four had much success in his own lifetime. No one of these four had the support of the State until after his beliefs and propagand
  3. I do not accept nor trust the media outlets. Their owners command what is shown, who gets to talk and what they say. They, like SCOTUS, are not looking to save democracy. They are out for the money and power. The only ones who want to and can save democracy is each of us here ge
  4. Difficult indeed and compounded by the fact that money too often equals power and republicans have been creating oligarchs for decades, and too many industries have been allowed to be consolidated into far too few pockets. Add on top: greed appears to be addictive.
  5. Julianne Moore on Shadow-Seducing King James in Starz’s 16th-Century Answer to Succession 

    The Oscar-winning actor on portraying the formidable but forgotten woman who used her son to achieve all she could not. By Julie Miller Julianne Moore ’s character, Mary Villiers, opens Starz’s new limited series Mary & George as Logan Roy might have, if he had been born a woman in