1. Home For the Holidays - Gen X Style.

    I posted this last year, when Post itself was just a newborn and I had maybe 10 followers. It's still poignant - more so because this year brought Dad recovering nicely from a Stroke and Mum having a kidney removed. They're still with me and thriving. And I'm so, so grateful we'r
  2. Jet-lagged thoughts on 'Progress'

    I'm in Southern Utah for the Holidays, in a once small, quaint little town that is slowly being built up and out into the once stunning, empty landscape around it. Each year I come here to visit my folks, there are more new homes, more new storage units, more little strip malls,
  3. Winter, you frosty bitch.

    Oh hey! Been a while. For...reasons...I've taken a social media hiatus. And while I'm not really back back , I'm back enough to pop in for a Post Browse - like a wander through the neighbourhood bodega you hadn't been to since the pandemic started and you pop into to see if anythi
  4. "Sometimes, the ones who wear the Rolex tip the less" My experience on a River Cruise in Europe

    Not by choice, I went on my first river cruise. I would have prefered to spend my Hot Euro Girl Summer swanning around the Italian countryside in an open top vintage car, but this particular week, I was with my parents. Living in different countries means we get creative to spend
  5. A fabulous #PostStory by @debbieohi 👇