1. Pistol Annie and My Pocketful of Luck.

    I have a lot of time to look at things while Larkin works morning patrol. I couldn't find the extra-lucky 5-leaf clover again but found these instead. I kept them in my pocket during Annie's lesson today. If they brought me luck, it doesn't do to think what might have happened wi
  2. This Mare is a Rollercoaster

    Monday, the vet scoped Annie for the third time and gave her a qualified all-clear to return to work. Annie under saddle on Wednesday and Thursday finished fairly quiet and willing. She swore she was going to buck me off a few times, and I believed her, but she didn't carry thro
  3. Happy Saturday! Willoughby Bumble ❤️ and his FOMO. #PNW #PostHorses #horses #photography #postphotos #originalcontent #madeonpost